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An easy, hassle-free partnership with major benefits for you and your clients.

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QR Codes are now an essential part of daily marketing, and QuickCodes makes producing, managing and reporting QR codes seamless.

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Your clients can have access to the service for free, as their needs grow, and they upgrade to a paid tier, you start earning revenue.

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Get access to a single destination to manage all of your clients and help them make the most out of their QR Code marketing.

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Helping Agencies help their clients

As a partner, you can provide a seamless QR Code generation service for all of your clients in one easy management portal. You and your clients can share access to valuable reporting on click information to determine which campaigns are working and where to focus energy on the next campaign. All of this while branding client access with your logo and earning revenue when we do. It is free to join and use so get in touch and join our community or other partners today!

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