Free QR code generator

QuickCodes provides a free QR code generator service. Generate dynamic QR codes, track scans and customise the QR style and layout. Try out the QuickCodes QR code maker today!

Free QR code generator
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Create, customise and track your QR codes

Create, customise and track your QR codes

Generate a QR code with QuickCodes quick and easy QR Code maker. Customise your QR code look by controlling the background and dot colour. Use dynamic QR codes to track how many scans your code receives and download usage reports.

Choose from different QR code types including scanning QR codes to website links, apps, text, email, PDF attachments and more. Set up permalinks with your QR codes to allow you to change the link or QR code information after the QR code has been generated giving you peace of mind if you're printing your QR code.

QR code features

Free QR code tier available

  • Unlimited codes
  • Instant QR Code generation
  • QR code tracking
  • QR code theming
  • Download SVG, PNG and JPG
  • QR code to PDF
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QR code generator

Instant QR code generator. Setup and manage QR codes all in one place and monitor the QR code usage.

Scan QR codes to an attachment

Use a custom trackable QR code to scan to a downloadable attachment. Scan a QR code and download a menu or brochure

Transparent pricing and usage

Free tier available, competitive pricing for higher usage. Pay for what you use and see real-time analytics and usage reports.

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